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Office Social Distancing

Are you a business owner?

As fellow entrepreneurs, we know better than anyone that a clean office or storefront is the key to good reviews and returning customers. But you’re busy with a long list of orders and clients to fulfill; let us take a load off your mind by scheduling regular professional cleanings for your building. We offer personalized service, fully customized for your business:

  • Are you a hair stylist or masseuse?
    Inspire customer confidence with sparkling clean fixtures and streak-free glass. We’ll even wipe and face your product display bottles!

  • Do you have a storefront or retail space?
    We’ll face product and polish floors so your customers are enticed to buy!

  • An office manager, lawyer, or administrative professional?
    Let us remove trash, sanitize desks, and keep your waiting room free of dust and dirt.

  • Do you rent an event space?
    Let us sweet up the glitter and confetti so you can focus on wowing your next bride-to-be!

  • Do you have a café, restaurant, or coffee shop?
    Let us deep clean your décor and fixtures so you can save labor and earn five-star reviews.

Inspire customer confidence and give yourself peace of mind by letting us conduct regular professional cleanings. We’ll use hospital-grade disinfectant on high-touch surfaces and pay extra attention to areas open to the public so that you can continue to do business in a safe environment. As a business owner, you have enough to worry about during this pandemic—let us take care of the germs. Contact us for a quote; we’ll come in as often as your business requires, and we can schedule special sanitizing spot-cleans in between your regular appointments to keep your company operating safely.

Cleaning Tables

With semi-weekly, weekly, and monthly options, your service will be tailored to your specific business needs. Our flexible scheduling allows us to clean when it’s most convenient for you—whether that be late at night or early in the morning. And because all our workers are fully insured, you can breathe easy knowing your business is in capable hands.